We are looking to hire Full-Time CFIs/CFIIs/MEIs. Our flight school is open 7 days a week with weekends being especially full of flights. If you are looking for a career change or to get hours on your way to the airlines, this could be a perfect place for you. We have plenty of students and airplanes to keep you busy. Check out our social media to see how our students love us and how we continually help people achieve their aviation goals.
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Learn to Fly!

Becoming a Private Pilot brings the world of flying to your fingertips. After passing your checkride, you can proudly say you are part of the 1% of the U.S. population that can call themselves pilots!

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Become a CFI

Earning a Flight Instructor Certificate is an excellent way to gain experience and advance your career. Our CFI training will teach you how to provide meaningful instruction while continuing to meet Commercial standards.

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Getting to the Airlines

To get to the airlines, it’s important to understand the basics of flight training from Day 1. At CFA, we pair students up so they can study together and fly together to save money on flights while they build their time for various ratings.

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We are Certified! Ready to come fly with us through the U.S. Army Credentialing Assistance Program?

We are excited that we have been approved as a certified vendor for eligible soldiers who want to learn to fly or further their flying certifications.

This exciting new program for U.S Army soldiers will allow you to pay for your flight training and earn your Private Pilot certification, Instrument rating, Commercial Pilot certification and more.

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AOPA Distinguished Award 2019

2019 AOPA Distinguished Flight School

For the three years in a row, we received an award from AOPA. For 2018 and 2019 we have received the AOPA Distinguished Flight School Award. We are so pleased that our customers continue to rate us as a great place to receive flight training.

Hear From Our Students

  • "2GC has a real sense of community and is full of great people. I learned how to fly here when I was sixteen and have loved it ever since." - Jake P., Commercial Student
  • "I originally started my flight training at a business-oriented flight school. But after coming here, I learned aviation is so much more of a community-driven hobby. This place is a great place to fly, learn, and just hang out." - Josh B., Commercial Student

Since 1993

Interested in flying with us?

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Gray's Creek Airport:  7154 Butler Nursery Road, Fayetteville, NC 28306