U.S. Army Credentialing Assistance (CA) Program

Since January 2020, when we announced that we had been officially approved and vetted for the U.S. Army Credentialing Assistance Program, we have had over 200 service members apply to use their CA money with us.

This program allows you to pay for your flight training to earn your Private Pilot certification, Instrument rating, Commercial Pilot certification or become a Certified Flight Instructor. Basically we can help you with anything that will prepare you for flying as a career or just for enjoyment.

Who is eligible for the Credentialing Assistance Program?

Soldiers from Regular Army, Army National Guard, U.S. Army Reserve Officers, Warrant Officers, Non-commissioned Officers and Enlisted are eligible to participate in this program. Here's a link for the Soldier CA Process Guide (how to apply for CA in Army Ignited)

How much can you receive towards your flight training?

Eligible Active Duty service members may use up to the fiscal year CA limit of $1,000. Reserve and National Guard service members can use up to $4,000 each fiscal year.

What can the Credentialing Assistance Program pay for?

CA can be used to pay for flight training (both ground and flying), books, mandatory fees, exams and re-certification. Click here to see what the costs are involved in getting your private pilot certificate.

How do I apply for Credentialing Assistance?

Get more information click here to go to the Army's website for the Credentialing Assistance Program.

How do I get my flight training started with the Credentialing Assistance Program at Cape Fear Aviation?

Click here to fill out a Google survey. Once you complete that we will contact you with a quote you can submit to the Army Ignited site. We will also connect you with a CFI who will get you started on your ground training and answer any questions you have about flight training.