Cessna 150

For basic fun and easy flying, it's hard to beat the 2 seat Cessna 150. With a 100 horsepower engine and a maximum range of 420 nautical miles, you won't take this airplane across the country non-stop, but it's perfect for flight training.

We have 4 Cessna 150s that are available for training, all with traditional VFR 6-pack instruments. The rental rate for our Cessna 150s is $115/hr wet.

Cessna 10888 is IFR certified with an Aspen and a Garmin 430W GPS for doing Instrument training. The price for this aircraft is $125/hr wet.

The instructor rate is $60/hr. Training for CFI is $70/hr.

Cessna 172 Skyhawk

Often dubbed "everyman's airplane," the Cessna 172 is the most common flight trainer in the air today. While not particularly fast, the 4 seat Skyhawk is an excellent airplane well-known for its reliability, controllability, and stability.

Our Cessna 172 N6743, a traditional VFR aircraft but with dual AV30s, rents for $145/hr wet.

We also have Cessna N76016 which is IFR rated and TAA with an Aspen, Garmin 650 GPS and TruTrak Autopilot for $160/hr wet.

The instructor rate is $60/hr. Training for CFI is $70/hr.

Piper Warrior

From its inception, the 4 seat Warrior was meant to be an inexpensive airplane that offered safe flight characteristics and reasonable performance. The stabilator, sometimes described as a flying tail, is one of the Warrior's distinguishing features. This is a great low-wing option for a training aircraft.

We have 3 Warriors for rent: Warrior 33653 is a traditional VFR aircraft and rents for $145/hr wet.

Warrior 1970H is IFR rated with a Garmin G5 attitude indicator, a Garmin 375 Transponder and Garmin 530 WAAS GPS. Warrior 244BM has a uAvionix AV-30 attitude indicator, a Garmin 430 GPS (non-WAAS) and an autopilot. Both of these rent for $150/hr wet.

The instructor rate is $60/hr. Training for CFI is $70/hr.


Piper Aztec PA23-250

The Piper Aztec PA-23 is one of the first multi-engine tourism aircrafts. This 5 seater was produced from 1960. This model is equipped with a retractable landing gear and two engines of 250 horses each for a total of 500 horsepower. It's fast, fun and very stable to fly.

The Aztec 4552P has a traditional 6-pack, it is IFR certified with a Garmin 650 WAAS GPS and rents for $325/hr wet. The instructor rate for Multi Engine training or time-building is $70/hr.

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