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Grays Creek (2GC)
Apt elev: 160' MSL
Rwy 17-35: 3500' x 30'.

NOTE: All traffic is Left. When departing 35 - turn Crosswind at 500' MSL to avoid entrance into KFAY airspace. Pattern altitude is 1000' MSL.

Fuel: 100LL
Remarks: Attended Mon–Fri 8:00-5:00. After hours fuel service, call Cindy (910) 286-3435.

Taxi on the grass apron at a slow speed due to uneven sod surface. No touch & go on Sunday, No touch and go at night. Noise sensitive areas southeast of airport.

CTAF: 122.9

Insterested in Flying with Us?

Call today to schedule a Discovery Flight.

Flight School Office (910) 223-0567 or
Kelly, Flight School Manager, (910) 257-5807

Gray's Creek Airport:  7154 Butler Nursery Road, Fayetteville, NC 28306