Private Pilot License

Becoming a Private Pilot brings the world of flying to your fingertips. After passing your checkride, you can proudly say you are part of the 1% of the U.S. population that can call themselves pilots!

Instrument Rating

Adding an Instrument Rating to your Private Pilot License is a big step toward becoming a safer, more knowledgeable, and more professional pilot.

Commercial Pilot License

To get paid to fly, you'll need a Commercial Pilot License. Part of your training will include learning how to fly complex airplanes, making a few cross-country trips, and learning more about aerodynamics & aircraft systems.

Go Further...

Become a CFI

Earning a Flight Instructor Certificate is an excellent way to gain experience and advance your career. We believe in training you so you are prepared to be a safe and knowledgable instructor from the day you receive your certificate. Your training will go well beyond the basics of the PTS to cover areas such as how to deal with foreign students, training Rotary transition students, and why mentorship is so important for new instructors - for an example of just a few of the many topics.

Getting to the Airlines

To get hired by the airlines, each person needs a total of 750 hours (if you have military pilot experience), 1,000 hours (if you trained at an accredited college with a Bachelors in Aviation) or 1,500 hours if you did your training at a Part 61 flight school.

We understand that the cost of building these hours can be expensive and one way to help with that cost is to consider becoming a Certified Flight Instructor after getting your Commercial Certificate.

Interested in flying with us?

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